The Guide to Inner Peace

After a long illness, Ariel Harris has taught myself to walk again! Needless to say, grin, she is  so ready to create life on his own terms with an interactive community and a new zest for living.

She was living with a disease that left me in a wheelchair. She was told that I would spend the rest of my life in a nursing home. The day that zinger edict came, it was wrapped with sadness, shame, guilt and labels that she could not grasp.

So her journey began having to come to grips with the internal fight of her own willingness and vulnerability to find acceptance of this “new normal”. The first step was willingness to be seen in the wheelchair. This was really huge for her.

And if we are not “productive” in terms of societal expectations and working, we are just invisible. So that became another nail in my heart.

Unexpectedly, courage and vulnerability stepped up to become her intimate allies.

Having spent her ‘before” life as a people pleaser, she was an apt student at judging herself harshly. The illness only magnified her poor judgment. Her fight for a normal life lead the book: The Guide to Inner Peace.

This book is therefore dedicated to emancipation of Ariel’s “mental slavery.”  She emancipated herself through sheer will and belief that there would be a new day.  Knowing that someone else’s judgment or diagnosis did not fit her new perception of self led me on quite a journey.

She started meditating, visualizing herself walking and not having daily episodes that were seizure like.  One day, she started to take her first erratic, totally ungraceful steps!  she was sure there was a presenter with a medal waiting for her! And each day she walked a bit more.

Now she walk about 2 hours per day or more and exercise twice a day. She live in a beautiful apartment with windows that overlook her beloved Blue Ridge mountains.

Each morning ritual begins with sitting at her window filled with gratitude and acknowledge her inner peace!

To learn more on Ariel’s successful living, please read her most recent book:

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