What Is Holistic Detox?

Toxins are everywhere. They are around you and within your body. Your body is assaulted daily by a multitude of toxins from various sources. To maintain optimal body functions, physically, mentally, and spiritually, you need to totally remove toxins from your body. The best approach to remove toxins from your body is holistic detox.

Holistic detox is a total body detoxification. It is a systemic approach, integrating from aspects of detox, and ensuing toxins completely free from your body, mind and spirit. There are four kinds of detox:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Digital

A holistic detox involves a complete lifestyle change that transforms the body, mind, and spirit for maximal benefits in to your body.

To achieve great results with holistic detox requires a systematic, all-round approach to complete body detoxification. To stem toxins and illnesses, heal yourself, and feel great, you must detox, cleanse, relieve, and nourish your body.

Holistic detoxification is a term used to refer to a comprehensive multi body organ, total body cleansing, and natural detox that strengthens the body and promotes optimal functioning of the body organs. This program includes reducing toxin intake and enhancing the process of toxin elimination through physical, mental, and spiritual detox programs.

Physical Detox

Physical detox
Physical Detox

When you hear about detox, this is the type generally coming up. It is easy and simple to perform.

Anything you do to prevent toxins entering your body and to purge toxins out of your body is in this category.

Quit smoking is a process of physical detox and it prevents toxins entering your body.

Drinking water is a process of physical detox and it promote toxins excretion from your body.

Options like fasting, cleansing, juicing and healthy eating are widely used for the body detox. All these methods would give your body a detoxifying effect and help you eliminate toxins.

Physical detox needs to start from the inside of your body. You must first get rid of toxins that clog your arteries, hang around your intestines, wear out your body organs, and cause illness.

A holistic detox process has to be systematic since most body organ systems are inter-dependent. For example, as the primary detoxification organ, the liver breaks down environmental toxins and metabolic wastes. It then empties most of the water soluble wastes to the kidneys and the fat soluble wastes to the intestines for elimination through the bile or gallbladder.

Therefore, doing bile/gallbladder flush or a liver detox without first cleansing the kidneys and the colon is like trying to flush down a big load via a clogged toilet. In such a scenario, most of the toxins would end up being re-absorbed from the intestines and this could over-burden the kidneys.

Generally, a comprehensive detoxification process takes place over an extended period of time, although it’s very simple and gentle to do.

A comprehensive body cleansing and detoxification program is a sure way to promote optimum body health in several ways:

  • Detoxify the blood, kidneys, liver, and other body organs
  • Removal of heavy metals such as mercury and lead
  • Recharging the body’s immune system using effective antioxidant support
  • Replenish of friendly bacteria present in the intestines using the probiotics formula
  • During a detox process, the blood, liver, and intestines are cleansed and detoxified using elimination, fasting, stimulation, and nourishment. Depending on your detox needs and objectives, the cleansing and detoxification process can take a day or two, a few weeks, or a month. Before embarking on a detox regime, you should ask your health care provider first if you have any kind of condition that can compromise your health or process, such as pregnancy, cancer, or any other chronic disease.
  • While on any kind of detox plan, you should avoid taking alcohol, coffee, refined sugar, household poisons, or smoking. In addition, be sure to eat light foods, get enough rest and some quiet time. Fatty foods and red meat should be avoided all together.

Mental Detox

Mental detox
Mental Detox

The mind is everything. You become what you think. Negative emotions, thinking, and attitude are toxic to your health and can trigger diseases in your systems.

Your negative mind and thoughts have to be detoxified for your benefits. One great way of detoxing your negative thinking is through affirmations.

This can be through positive daily affirmation statements about your health, body, peace, or any other area of your life that needs you to be positive. Say the following affirmation to yourself:

  • I’m at peace
  • I’m slowly rewiring my brain in a positive way by choosing better thoughts
  • My thoughts don’t control me, I’m in control of my thoughts.
  • I focus on what I can control
  • I choose thoughts that serve me well
  • I’m training my brain to go in a different direction when negative thoughts pop into my head

Just meditate on such affirmations over and over again, day after day, you can detox your negative mind.

If you are always negative, try to identify those negative thoughts and stop them, or reword them into more positive ones. If you do this daily, overtime, you’ll become positive.

For instance, if you think so much about a certain part of your body that you dislike it such as your stomach, then start focusing on the good things your stomach does and how your body can’t function optimally without it. Change your thoughts about how saggy your stomach is to “My stomach is so helpful; it assists me daily to digest food and heal my body”. With a positive thought like that, you might become more conscious of your stomach’s health and even start eating more health food.

Meditation is an important part of mental detox and is the pathway to detox your negative mind, to rebuild your positive thinking, to lead your way into your best self and a happier and healthier life.

Spiritual Detox

Spiritual detox
Spiritual Detox

Besides physical and mental toxins, spiritual toxins are invading you from media, books, and people around us.

A holistic detox of your life is incomplete without physical, emotional and spiritual detoxification in the same time.

Toxic behavior, attitudes and negative influences that you have allowed into your life may be poisoning your soul without your knowledge. As much as you try, it can be impossible to avoid spiritual toxins because the world is full of them. The best way to overcome it is through spiritual detoxing.

An example of spiritual poison you may be consuming includes social media addiction, spending all your time on tabloids, or binge-watching movies. Indulging excessively in these activities is hazardous and toxic to your soul.

Negative energy that you encounter daily builds up within your soul, it can lead to discomfort, lack of sleep and bad dreams. Energy typically accumulates within your body over time. If not cleared out, the build-up continues until your spirit is overpowered.

Because your body is interconnected, a spiritual detox will result in cleansing your mind and body as well. This means the benefits will spread through to your physical and emotional aspects of life.

There are many benefits to have spiritual detox:

  • Raise your energy vibrations, vital force
  • Aligns you to your true self
  • Rejuvenate your mind giving you a clear direction in life
  • Get rid of negative energy and influences
  • Lead to an intense spiritual connection which may prolong your life
  • Bring you in tune with the Universal energy, heightening your intuition
  • Lead to greater peace, love and light helping you make better choices in your life
  • Cause harmony which results in physical, emotional and spiritual healing
  • Lead to deeper spiritual consciousness and a sense of awareness

Here are the suggestions on how to perform spiritual detox:

  1. Have positive attitudes at all times
  2. Enjoy the nature surrounding you
  3. Maintain consistent Physical Detox
  4. Practice Mental Detox
  5. Establish a beautiful and comfortable environment

Digital Detox

Digital Detox

With high tech devices, such as smartphones and social media sites, we are always connected, informed, and interacted, which may result in the constant stress.

In this modern world, the digital devices could be the sources of physical, mental, spiritual toxins for many people,

Some people are addicted to their devices, leading to physical, mental, spiritual, and social problems.

Digital detox refers to a period of time when a person refrains from using the high tech devices. Detoxing from the digital devices allows you to focus on real-life social interactions without distractions. Detaching from your devices can benefit your well-being.

Doing a digital detox does not have to involve a complete separation from your tech devices. You are using your devices in a way that benefit, rather than harm, your emotional and physical health.

Here are some tips for you to carry our digital detox:

  1. Have a detailed plan
  2. Keep a journal to track your progress and document your digital detox thoughts
  3. Let your friends and family know that your are on a digital detox and ask them for help and support
  4. Have a full schedule and leave no spare time for digital devices
  5. Arrange more outdoor activities, such as go for a walk or go to dinner with friends

Final Thought

Holistic detox is a total body detoxification and consists of physical detox, mental detox, and spiritual detox. The holistic approach purged bad elements and impurities out of your body, providing you a perfect body, mind and spirit well-being.

4 thoughts on “What Is Holistic Detox?

  1. Anthony,
    You have done a wonderful job with your entire website. All the information is very powerful and as a former smoker, I wish I knew just half of the things you discuss here, way back then. All current smokers should really grasp the information this website provides. It would be advantage for them to read and understand that there are healthy ways to detox their bodies for cigarette toxins.

    Great job!
    If you a have a few moments, would you please visit my website and offer some comments? It would be very helpful to me and I would appreciate it immensely.
    Thank you,

    1. Yes, we spent most of time on how to quit smoking and now we move our project to the next phase, this is how to remove the toxins from smoker’s body. Detox is universal, since we all have some kind of toxins in our body.

      I will go to your website and may learn something from you.

  2. Very interesting article and it applies to me, because I should do a detox. I have been giing through a tough year, and a holistic detox is just what I need. To do colon cleansing, I have to make an appointment with a specialist, don’t I? How much water should we drink ideally every day?

    If I start a spiritual detox, should I always keep it up or just do it sporadically?

    1. Colon cleansing is medical procedure, which is performed by licensed medical professionals. You need to talk to your doctor and make an appointment for this.

      Ideally you should drink 2 liter of water every day, but everyone is different and you should try to find the best amount for yourself. The best criterion is your feeling after drinking the water.

      Mind is very thing. The best is that you should practice daily to build-up your positive spirit.

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