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Tobacco cigarette, a lighting wand, brings high, fantasy, and imagination and generates unique culture and custom. Smoking and stop smoking poems are parts of the fascinating arts. There are oceans of smoking and stop smoking poems, which are parts of smoking treasure. Here we provide three smoking and stop smoking poems for your entertainment.

No Smoking

By Shane P Ward

After 28 years I kicked ‘the habit’. Having survived non smoking for a whole week, I thought I would share the benefit of my idiocy with others.

At last I quit the coffin nails, those dreaded cancer sticks.

I yield to them no longer. I shall not require ‘a fix’.

My master is not cigarettes. From now on it is me.

Tis I who rule my life and I will live in it smoke free.

Why did I start? It does not matter. Reasons count but one.

There’s no good way to justify decisions clearly dumb.

But it was my decision. I admit that to my peers.

And so I smoked the dreaded weed for twenty eight long years!

Did I enjoy a cigarette? Yes there were quite a few.

Especially after food or if I had a drink or two.

But there were many, many more not nice or sweet sublime,

when Mr Nicotine required attention all the time.

In all the years I smoked I was supported by

those who

Because they smoked, like me, enjoyed reciprocation too.

Collusion fed collective myths of social interaction.

The club required participants of ‘ciggy satisfaction’.

We had one thing in common (Not withstanding coughs and choking).

The group was barred from many a place by these two words, ‘No Smoking’.

I s’pose for those who did not smoke there had to be a club

excluding those whose lives were ruled by smoke and filtered stub.

The smokers often scorned those who did not lay out the cash

to buy some fags, then burn it, turning money into ash.

How could ‘non-smokes’ appreciate indifference to wealth?

Or understand our cavalier disdain towards our health?

I know. I was that smoker and embraced that dreadful role.

Until it hit me suddenly that I had no control.

My life was run by cigarettes, so firm was my conviction

that something had to change. I had to cast out my addiction.

With patches at the ready and my will power on top.

I picked a day to quit the stick and then I’d simply stop.

And that I did, one Sunday morning, filled with self belief,

which crumbled two hours later as the habit caused me grief.

Was it hard to stop? You betchya! Every single day.

Some minutes seemed like hours till the craving went away.

I conjured up so many good excuses to give in.

But I was so determined that tobacco would not win.

The war raged on inside my head. Withdrawal was no fun.

But I could stop it all with just one cigarette. Just one.

So tempting was the subtle, slimy, wheedling, nagging voice.

And yet I knew that ‘just one more’ would leave me with no choice.

I had to shut my ears and eyes and mind to that foul creature.

I had to be the student and I had to be the teacher.

I had to practice what I preached. I had to be a bore.

I had to do whatever it would take to smoke no more.

The first day was the worst until the second day became.

The third day was the worst and then the fourth was much the same.

The fifth day? That was not so bad but bad enough to bear

But then I felt the sixth day I had got it beat. So there!

And now a week has passed and I am finally smoke free.

The fog has lifted from my life. T’was worth the agony.

Of course the cravings come and go – and will do for a time

But I’m no longer listening. To start again? A crime!

Already, in a single week, (and smokers you may scoff)

In health and wealth, in self esteem, I find I’m better off.

My life belongs to me again. I must have been so thick

to be a slave to nicotine – that smelly cancer stick!

Of course there’s nought that irritates like new reformed non-smokers

They bore you with self righteous statements. Verbal red hot pokers.

I count myself amongst them so my smoker friends beware.

I’ll tell you I can smell your smoke in rooms and clothes and hair.

Telling you to stop is not what I would like to do.

The reason that I quit was choice. The same is up to you.

To quit is hard, I don’t deny it. Really it’s no joke.

But if you can withstand the strain, you’ll not return to smoke.

And finally a warning – and I say this in good heart.

If you have never ever smoked – then never ever start.

If you think that it’s cool to smoke then just try stopping it.

You’ll find it’s easier not to start, than smoking is to quit.

Stop Smoking

By Alon Calinao Dy

It’s no secret,

Cigarette smoking is a deadly habit,

Whether you like it or not,

It already killed a lot…

It sets you free,

Free to be productive and healthy,

Free to have a happy family,

As you can’t enjoy being a retiree.

It’s dangerous to your health,

A leading cause of lung cancer death,

My dear friend, stop smoking now,

Save your life and your dreams of tomorrow.

How many times you’ve been told,

That your life does matter and can’t be sold,

How many times in a year,

People have died of lung cancer?

Yes, you’re young and full of spirit,

Who takes for granted smoking threat,

Perhaps, you’ll not see now the effect,

And laugh at me like an insect.

It is always your choice,

And my only piece of advice,

Take good care of your health,

Because it’s your greatest wealth.

Stop Smoking

By Breanna Wilson

Toxins in;

never to come out

your lungs, if they could

would scream and shout

Your teeth; how yellow

your; how bad

but somehow, without one,

you tend to feel sad

It’s more than a habit;

it’s an addiction

these are all facts;

i’m not speaking fiction

your body will rot;

inside and out

nasty things will happen;

as you’ll soon find out

So heed the warnings;

and listen to what I say,

stop smoking now;

because you won’t any other day

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10 thoughts on “Stop Smoking Poems

  1. Hello, I find your post interesting. I love the poems. I am sharing them to my friends. I have never even heard of poems about smoking. I guess you learn new things every day. Thanks for sharing. Great work.

    1. Hi Hong, Thanks for reading my post and your comments. Smoking has been creating huge amount imagination and is an art. I pick this niche and am going to learn everything about smoking, including the future of smoking, so that I could follow the smoking is developing.

  2. Anthony, These are some great poems. I smoked for about 27 years and know how difficult it was to quit. I had attempted to quit many times only to keep failing. When I watched my dad die from lung cancer in 1996 I was finally able to quit for good. I have not had a cigarette since then and I feel so much better. My dad had smoked for 54 years before it finally killed him.

    1. Hi Craig, Thanks for sharing your story. I am sorry to hear that your dad was suffering from smoking and lung cancer. Unfortunately, this is one of most common reason why people quit smoking. Like you, many people witnessed their loved one suffering from smoking related diseases and determined to quit smoking forever. Good thing is that more and more people have the knowledge on smoking and quit smoking and they will make wise decision for themselves and their families.

  3. Hello Anthony, how amazing these poems are! And I am sure quite cathartic! Who would have thought of poems on cigarettes? Thank you for this.
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hi Ariel,
      It is amazing that smoking industry creates almost everything. There are so many stories about smoking and smoking poems are just tiny bit of the smoking culture. When I search for smoking poem in the google, there are more than 11 million items coming out. Truly Amazing.

    1. Hi Annie,
      Smoking creates a very special culture. Smoking poem is part of the culture. Smoking, smoking cloud, and feeling from smoking are sources of many fascinating stories. I wish there are more poems to help people quit smoking.

  4. Dear Anthony,

    Nice collection of great poems. Great Job!

    “My dear friend, stop smoking now, Save your life and your dreams of tomorrow. How many times you’ve been told, That your life does matter and can’t be sold,” These lines are great with love and care. You are doing a great service. Keep up the good work.

    Your Friend,

  5. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your support. Smoking creates a unique culture and poem is part of that culture. Some of smoking poem are very inspirational and may inspire smokers to quit smoking. Please share the smoking poems with your friends. Sharing is caring.

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